Frequently Asked Questions

Do I purchase my own alcohol for my event/party or does Another Level supply it for me? Yes, you supply alcoholic beverages for your event. In some instances and included in some packages, we will assist you in both the placing and delivering of the alcohol for your event.

Are your bartenders trained? Another Level Bartenders have taken Safe Serve and are Michigan Alcohol Seller Server MLCC Approved Alcohol Training.

What comes with the “Not So Basic Bartender” Package? For a minimum of THREE hours and for an event of fewer than 100 people, this package comes with a free consultation and 2 bartenders. All of the liquor, mixers, ice, cups, and garnish are provided by the host. We provide the straws, napkins, and all of the bar tools. ($65 per hour)

What is included in the “In The Pink” Package? For a minimum of four hours, the customer will receive a free consultation, 2 bartenders, and menu creation. This is an event for 100-150 people. The host is to supply all of the alcoholic beverages, mixers, cups, and ice. Another Level supplies the bar tools, garnish, and swords/straws. ($500 flat-rate)

What is the “Silver Linings” Package? For a 200 people 4-hour event, the customer will receive a free consultation, menu creation, assistance in placing alcohol orders, order pick up, and delivery. Another Level will also provide garnishes, straws, and napkins. Hosts are responsible for the purchase of liquor, mixers, ice, and cups. ($600 flat-rate)

What is included in the “In The Black” Party Package? This package is for those who are having a party for 300 guests for a minimum of 4 hours. This package includes 3 bartenders and we will have a “bar runner” as well. Another Level will give the host the free consult, menu creation, assistance in liquor ordering and delivery to the event, and supply the garnishes, straws, napkins, and ice. The host is responsible for the purchase of liquor, mixers, and cups. We will even supply a few “special touches” to the event. Would you like infused water? Or perhaps a bit of coffee? ($700 flat-rate)

Do you travel outside the metro area? Yes, we will travel outside the metro area, but we must charge a traveling service fee depending on where you’re located.

Does Another Level serve non-alcoholic drinks as well? Of course, we can!

What about a signature cocktail…can you help me with that? That is our “thing.” Once you tell us about the theme you have in mind, your color scheme, or your particular liquor preference(s), we can work together to create a cocktail that you and your guests will love!

How much alcohol do I need to order? That’s a great question. Let’s gauge using this calculator. This is the one we use. Click Here.

Is gratuity charged on the invoice? It is up to the client to decide if they want to TIP the bartenders in advance (we recommend it). The host can also decide if they would allow us to display a TIP jar on the bar. In ideal situations, the host might even allow us to do both! Every host knows their guests; if the host wants to pay gratuity upfront, then the price they pay is up to them. Please be kind and remember that 100% of the TIPS is paid to our wonderful bartenders.

Do you all have linens, glassware, and tables for rent? Currently, we do not have these items for you to rent. We could suggest a local company that would be happy to assist you.

Will my guest have to show ID to order alcoholic beverages? Anyone under the age of 30 MUST show identification to confirm that they are of legal drinking age. We will card if we feel it it is necessary. Please alert your guests about our policy ahead of time. We will also us stampers or bracelets to identify guests of legal drinking age and to monitor their number of drinks.

Is a deposit required? Once a consultation has happened and we decide to create something beautiful, YES a deposit is required. A 50% deposit is required and once this deposit is made, then your date is reserved. The balance is due 7 DAYS BEFORE your event. All events must be paid in full before your event. Cancellations must be in writing and must be submitted 7 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Refunds will be given if you adhere to the contract.

Are there any add-ons or any other services that you offer? We do offer other services. We offer a fabulous Bloody Mary Bar Mimosa Bar, VIP setup, Balloon Decor, Coffee Service ($20), Delicious Infused Waters, and other razzle-dazzle for your special events! Just because it is not listed on the website… does not mean that we cannot make it happen. Give us a try!

Can our guests serve themselves drinks? Due to regulations, insurance, and other types of liability, all alcoholic beverages must be served by a member of the Another Level Bar Services team. If you would like, you may place water or soft drinks on the tables/serving table for your guests. We can be in charge of pouring the soft drinks as well.

We are on a budget and do not expect an abundance of drinking, can we reduce the number of bartenders at the event? We believe in having enough staff that will accommodate you and your party. Whether your package calls for two or three bartenders, the price still stands and all bartenders will help make your party a success.

How Do I Book? First, let’s have a conversation about your expectations. Once we have crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s, this is where the fun begins and we send you an agreement. Once you return the agreement and make your deposit, your date is secure and the real magic begins.

What forms of payment do you accept? Another level accepts PayPal, CashApp, Cash, Check, and All Major Credit Cards.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a line at Talk to you soon!

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