Love is Love.

So last night we did a thing…
A bartending thing and it was…BEAUTIFUL.

The wedding party was uber nice and the guests were impeccably dressed and ready to turn up. The wedding planner had sections taped and ready to be utilized…SOCIALLY DISTANCED OF COURSE. The guests read our board, adhered to the rules (😷), said PLEASE & THANK YOU, and tipped nicely too.

We danced and helped the grooms make memories. We don’t judge. We love people. WE LOVE OUR PATRONS.

Last night we showed THEE HELL OUT without 9ft Shotski. All were drunk. All were happy. IT WAS ALL LOVE. God bless you two and thank you for taking it to #anotherlevelbarservices🥰🍾💖👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏽#bartenders #michigan #samesexmarriage #nojudgement #iconic #shotski #sparklers

Published by bartender6247

Welcome to Another Level Bartending Service, LLC. We are just a small group of friends, framily, and professional women who are waiting to serve the masses delicious adult beverages. Whether you need bartenders for vendor shows, weddings, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, etc...we would love to make your event awesome by being your bartenders.

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